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The Crossover: Tigris Metropolitan University


This thesis investigates the expansion of Architecture through an urban vision. Using a series of operations and a generative syntax, the examination of local conditions and evaluation of proposed situations characterizes form that can be instantiated through a language of building typologies. The exploration begins with the composition of  objects within a field. Broad movement is consolidated through various urban composites. The interaction between multiple bodies creates spaces of exchange, where the diffusion of various types of intelligence and cross-disciplinary pedagogy create new knowledge. These spaces of large assembly catalyze the transfer of information from one department to another, by means of a physical interchange. The configuration of buildings as parts atop the city allows the campus to overpass existing restrictions from its context, creating connection points where designated program can mutate. The ever-changing ground of Bagdad presents itself with a situation where history must be overturned, the remaining ruins reimagined. The integration of these new monuments transforms the existing urban fabric. Working across multiple scales enables a consistent design that emphasizes differential repetition revealed through hypostyle interiors and reflective exteriors. The envelope encapsulates multifunctional space while mirroring its surroundings on to the building. This Architecture levitates above the ground, harbours intelligence, and ignites the revolution.

Thesis Advisors:

Peter Testa

Devyn Weiser

Special Guests:    

Neil M Denari

Mark Mark

UG Thesis Coordinator:

Jenny Wu

History & Theory Advisor:

Marrikka Trotter

UG Director

Tom Wiscombe

Special Thanks:

Saeed Maseeh Kayyani

Pyung Choi

Elizabeth Van Dyke

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